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Corn snakes are trendy pets because of their vibrant patterns and colors and their naturally cool temperament. They belong to the rat snake family and get their name because the patterns on their stomach scales look like corns. These snakes are popularly known as excellent climbers and escape artists. Corn snakes are distinct and solitary creatures, meaning they do not need companionship. Furthermore, they mainly live on land, and you will usually spot them either at night or at dawn. While corn snakes are docile pets, if you have more than one, it would be best to have multiple enclosures so you can house each of them individually. The question on everyone’s lips is Do Corn Snakes Fight Each Other?

Do Corn Snakes Fight Each Other?

If two corn snakes are put together, it is extremely likely that they will fight each other. There is more than one reason behind this fight. The first is that they have a solitary nature, and they are extremely territorial. Corn snakes will fight to assert dominance in their territory and usually, the bigger snake fights and eats the smaller one to become dominant. Another reason why corn snakes might fight each other is for breeding purposes. Male corn snakes are eager for the attention of a female snake during the mating season. If two male corn snakes are housed together intentionally or unintentionally during the breeding season, they will often fight and assault each other. Corn snakes may also fight for food, so it is recommended to feed them separately.

Note: Keeping multiple corn snakes in one place regardless of gender can cause diseases, aggression, anxiety, and cannibalism!

Can I Keep Male and Female Corn Snakes Together?

Male and female corn snakes should only be kept together when they are fully matured during the breeding season. Immature male and female corn snakes could try to mate if they are together in an enclosure, however, if they are too young this can often be stressful for the female and occasionally even fatal.

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Can I Keep Two Male Corn Snakes Together?

Keeping two male corn snakes together in the same enclosure is strongly prohibited because they are highly territorial and prefer being alone. Furthermore, they might feel threatened and fight for dominance when placed together. Male corn snakes usually look for a female corn snake to mate and breed with during the breeding season so keeping male corn snakes together in this season will result in combat to death.

Will Two Male Corn Snakes Fight Each Other?

Yes, male corn snakes will inevitably fight each other if put together in the same container. Male corn snakes are more aggressive than female corn snakes and they can even attempt to eat each other if they feel extremely hungry or distressed. Furthermore, they may fight each other for food, the best position to hold, dominance, and mating purposes. Hence, do not force them to live together. Keeping two male corn snakes will always result in harmful consequences. The dominant one always tries to eat all the food meaning the other one gets stressed out and can even suffer from health issues. Under no circumstances should you put two male corn snakes together in the same habitat.

Be Aware: Reptile combat inside such a small habitat can ultimately lead to the death of one or both animals!

Can I Keep Two Female Corn Snakes Together?

It is not a good idea to keep female corn snakes together either as they are also extremely territorial although they are a little more tolerant than their male counterparts. Female corn snakes are calmer compared to male corn snakes. However, it is suggested to keep them apart because they are fond of being alone, and they do not like anyone’s company. They prefer to live freely and independently. If you want to keep two female corn snakes together, make sure that the habitat is large enough, there is adequate space to hide, and the snakes are a similar size. Also, make sure to feed them separately. Female corn snakes seek a companion only when they desire to mate during the breeding season. Keeping two female corn snakes of different sizes could be dangerous because they might also seek dominance, just like male corn snakes. Moreover, female corn snakes can act cannibalistic in certain circumstances like male corn snakes.

Do Corn Snakes Eat Each Other?

Yes, corn snakes will sometimes eat each other. This usually happens when two corn snakes are kept in the same enclosure, and one is much smaller than the other. The larger snake may see the smaller one as nothing more than a potential meal. In some cases, though, even two corn snakes of similar size may become cannibalistic and turn on each other.


Corn snakes are unique docile creatures and unlike human beings, corn snakes do not seek a companion. They enjoy being alone in their habitat. Corn snakes are territorial and should be kept apart except during the breeding season. If you have more than one corn snake, it is important to keep them in separate tanks. Fighting between corn snakes can lead to serious injuries or even death.

4 Reasons Corn Snakes Fight Infographic

Reptile Wrestler Tips!

“If you are putting two corn snakes together for breeding purposes, make sure they are of the opposite sex!”

It is best to err on the side of caution and keep your corn snakes in separate enclosures to prevent any undue stress!”

“Keep an eye on your snake pets to make sure they are not distressed. Otherwise, the anxiety and tension could make them ill!”

“If you are placing male and female corn snakes together for breeding, ensure that they are mature enough – breeding snakes too young is dangerous!”


Is the corn snake harmful to other snakes?

Yes, the corn snake can be harmful to other snakes. In fact, they are extremely territorial and will often attack other snakes. Corn snakes usually only feed on small animals such as rodents or birds, but they can also prey on other snakes. So, if you have a corn snake as a pet, be sure to keep it in a separate tank from any other snakes you may have.

Are male or female corn snakes more docile?

Both sexes are naturally docile toward humans. However, they are extremely territorial and will attack each other if housed together.

Will two female corn snakes fight?

It is not uncommon for two female corn snakes to fight. In fact, they are often a little more tolerant of each other than two males. However, if the fighting becomes too severe, it can result in serious injuries or even death. If you have two female corn snakes that are fighting, it is important to separate them as soon as possible.

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