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When it comes to keeping reptiles as pets, there are many options to choose from. With so many different kinds of reptiles available, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best fit for your individual lifestyle and personality. As you will know, gargoyle geckos are beautiful, small to medium-sized lizards seen in the south of New Caledonia Island. If you’re thinking about getting a gecko, you may be wondering if gargoyle geckos can live together. Keep reading to find out!

Can Gargoyle Geckos Live Together?

Among the diverse class of reptiles, only a small number are okay with living together, most species are solitary creatures and gargoyle geckos are no different. While Gargoyle Geckos can technically live together, it’s not recommended. Each one is quite territorial, so they’re likely to fight for dominance if kept in close quarters. A better option would be to provide each gecko with its own territory, either by giving them each their own enclosure or by keeping them well-spaced out in a larger enclosure. With plenty of space to themselves, they should be able to coexist peacefully.

Note: It is best to keep gargoyle geckos in different enclosures except for breeding. After the breeding process is over, you can separate the gargoyle geckos.

Can I Keep Male and Female Gargoyle Geckos Together?

It is not recommended to keep male and female gargoyle geckos together until they are both sexually mature (minimum two years of age for females) when you are planning to breed them. While breeding, the adult male gargoyle gecko accepts the healthy female gargoyle gecko, however, you must observe them, to help prevent any fighting. These fights can cause significant injuries, like losing their tails. Except for mating, the male and female gargoyle geckos are uneasy about sharing their personal space because of their aggressive nature towards each other. The male gargoyle geckos may steal the female gecko’s food and harm the eggs if they are housed together long-term. Male gargoyles are powerful and fearless and will always try to be the dominant ones. It is rare for gargoyle geckos to permit fellow species to live with them without hurting them.

Be Aware: If you observe a wounded tail or head of your female gecko – take her to the vet, it is likely that the male is showing hostility towards the female and is unable to tolerate them.

Can I Keep Two Male Gargoyle Geckos Together?

Keeping two male gargoyle geckos together is a big no because of their fiery nature. Although gargoyle geckos are calm and friendly pets, when paired either with the same sex or the opposite, they are likely to cause trouble for their partner. Geckos are extremely territorial creatures and do not enjoy the company of other geckos – even of their own species. Male gargoyle geckos are especially prone to aggression and will often fight to the death if placed in the same enclosure. For this reason, it is advisable to never house two male gargoyle geckos together. If you must keep more than one gargoyle gecko, be sure to house them individually or with only females.

Note: Adult gargoyle geckos do not even tolerate juvenile gargoyle geckos so you will need to avoid pairing up your male geckos altogether.

Will Gargoyle Geckos Fight Each Other?

Gargoyle geckos are territorial lizards. So, when two males come across each other, they will usually have a physical altercation in order to assert dominance over the other. Females are not as quick to fight as males, but they will still defend their territory if another female encroaches upon it. Males will engage in territorial behaviors such as head bobbing and tail base waving in order to intimidate intruders into leaving their vicinity. If such ornamental gestures fail to work, they will go so far as fighting.

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How Many Gargoyle Geckos Can I Keep Together?

Like most gecko species, gargoyle geckos are solitary animals and should not be kept together long-term. A male can be kept with up to three females when breeding, but otherwise, they should be kept separately. If left together long-term, males can become very territorial and may attack the females. Females generally won’t bother each other, but it’s still best to keep them separate as they prefer to live alone too.


Can gargoyle geckos live together? Well, no. If you’re considering adding a Gargoyle Gecko to your family, be sure to plan on having only one. They are territorial animals and will not get along well if kept together. Plan on providing a large enough enclosure for them to live comfortably and have plenty of places to hide. Also, make sure they have access to fresh water and food. With the right care, your Gargoyle Gecko can make a great addition to your family.

4 Reasons Gargoyle Geckos Fight Infographic

Reptile Wrestler Tips!

“If your gargoyle geckos do end up fighting and one gets injured, take them straight to the vet!”

“When breeding, make sure that there you have plenty of plants and hiding places for your geckos!”

“If you are planning on breeding gargoyle geckos, keep an eye on them, they can still show aggression toward each other!”

“If you have gargoyle geckos together and you see a head bobbing or tail waving – separate them immediately as violence will usually follow!”


Can a gargoyle gecko and a crested gecko live together?

No, you should never mix gargoyle geckos and crested geckos together. They are two different species of gecko and will fight each other if put in the same enclosure. Fighting can lead to serious injury or even death, so it’s best to just keep them separate.

Do gargoyle geckos eat crested geckos?

Gargoyle geckos (Rhacodactylus auriculatus) are known to eat other small lizards, including Juvenile crested geckos (Correlophus ciliatus). In captivity, gargoyle geckos will typically eat insects and other small invertebrates. However, if given the chance, they will also eat smaller lizards like crested geckos. If you have both gargoyle and crested geckos as pets, it is best to keep them in separate enclosures to avoid any potential problems.

Do gargoyle geckos eat other geckos?

Like all carnivorous reptiles, gargoyle geckos are opportunistic predators and will certainly eat other smaller geckos if given the opportunity.

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